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These spirits will acknowledge your presence, reply to you, and are aware of things and people in the living world. (aka classic or traditional haunting) They can touch you, move inanimate objects, etc…

These spirits want to get the attention of the living and they can move or hide objects, send signals or even speak to do so. The optimal time for ghostly appearances is during the late night hours, but the spirits who can muster up enough energy can make their presence known in the daytime. There can be many reasons why an intelligent haunting occurs. In many cases, entities choose to protect their loved ones, for example, grandparents around younger children. Some are unaware that they have died because it may have happened suddenly. In those instances, the assistance of a psychic medium may be necessary to help them cross over to the other side. Other times, the spirit may not be visible — a cold spot, experiencing chills and goosebumps or feeling as if someone is staring at you are signs of a presence. Sometimes the spirit refuses to cross over until a major issue or unfinished business is resolved in family, business or financial matters. Most of these ghosts are not malicious — they just want to be noticed and have their message heard.

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