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In demonic hauntings, the main goal of the demon is to break down a person’s free will so that it can take over and possess the individual. The deceptive evil spirit enters a home or location to do harm and destroy all that is good and sacred. The demon not only can possess people, it can attach itself to objects and pets. At first, these types of hauntings or possessions may seem benign or non-threatening. They can appear similar to poltergeist hauntings as they usually start out with slight disturbances, such as knocking noises, furniture being moved, etc. The demon may appear as a dark shadow in a location or may first show itself as a benevolent spirit. When a demon wants to possess a young child, it will often pretend to be a playmate asking to be the child’s friend. Once trust is established, possession can take place. When the demon finally reveals itself, foul odors, extreme temperature changes and even physical attack can occur. Demons also have the ability to transform and shape shift from human to animal.

A demon will sometimes try to convince a person that it is no longer present; however, it lays in wait to strike at a time when the individual is weak or vulnerable.

The demon becomes stronger when it senses fear in a person, and that is the time when a possession can take place. Another sign of possession is that the possessed individual becomes fluent in many languages, speaks in tongues or has gained knowledge in subjects they knew nothing about previously. The person possessed will become a shell of his/her former self and become terribly cruel to those he loves. This type of haunting is not easily resolved — it requires expulsion. Seek guidance and help from highly trained paranormal investigators, clergymen and others familiar with demonic hauntings. In fact, any Christian can perform such a rite, since it is God who actually does the expulsion of the evil. When commanded in the name of Jesus, a demon has no choice but to leave.

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