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Nowadays, we hear of more Paranormal Investigators than Carter had liver pills.
It seems nearly every town and city has them!
But– what qualifications do they have?
True, licensing is not necessary to allow anyone to call themselves a Paranormal Investigator, but there are a number of people using the title who have no idea what they could be letting themselves into!

Interaction with the spirit world is considered a game by some; still, the serious Investigators consider it a calling.
When a person merely considers it a game, he or she is literally asking for trouble, and the chances are excellent they will get it.

Considering spirits were once living, breathing human beings, they still have feelings. A spirit who was pleasant in life is usually pleasant in the afterlife. Conversely, a spirit who was miserable in life usually remains so after death of their human shell.

There are also exceptions to that norm, whereby some are angry at having passed at a young age, from disease that could not be controlled, suicide, or murder.

Of course, we must also acknowledge the existence of demons. which were never living human beings at all.
To the inexperienced person who wants to investigate, demons are a very real danger. Even well-experienced Investigators put themselves at tremendous risk when dealing with demonic side. Fortunately, Investigators don’t have to deal with the demonic as often as some people think. But when we do, it is no joke, just as dealing with any spirit is not a laughing matter.

    There are certain things a Client should watch for in selecting Investigators.

They shoud know what they are talking about; be knowledgeable on the subject of the paranormal. They should know how to properly use whatever equipment they have. Having all kinds of fancy gizmos and gadgets may look impressive, but if an Investigator doesn’t know how to use them, they look somewhat ridiculous. They should also be able to tell the Client how they are used if asked.

They should be willing to listen to the Client, regardless of how ‘crazy’ the events may sound. The Client most likely feels awkward discussing the problem to begin with, afraid of sounding off their rocker. A sincere Investigator will reassure them from the outset that regardless of events the Client will describe, they are not crazy.

They should be willing to check out the history of the property they are investigating, or the Client should be able to obtain the necessary info for the Investigator…

There should be unity among Investigators… and all should be willing to work with each other. Today, there are groups who claim they are the best, and tell people to avoid other teams. This should not happen, but when ego and vanity step in, it does.

An Investigator must [under all circumstances] maintain privacy of communication for the Client… not only during an investigation, but for all time, unless the Client gives written permission that the identities, location, findings, etc… may be revealed.

Clients should check whether or not any fees are involved when selecting an Investigator. Some charge only if a problem is verified and dealt with; some charge simply for investigating, whether they find real activity or otherwise. Personally, I feel that being a P.I. is a privilege, and the ability to investigate successfully and deal with the activity properly is a gift from God, and I refuse to levy any fees for these services. Many others investigate for free as well… Teams, as well as private investigators of the paranormal.

An Investigator should be reliable… and above ALL ELSE, HONEST. Any Investigator who falsely claims to have found activity where none really exists is a disgrace, and that makes all Investigators look shady. Worse, if an Investigator charges a fee, then relates false findings, that Investigator is nothing but a FRAUD and should be charged by law.

NO Investigator should ever arrive for an investigation under the influence of alcohol or drugs of any kind. It not only makes that Investigator look bad, but it makes ALL OF US look bad. It also places not only the Investigator, but the client, Team, and everyone in the home or business being investigated in great danger, because the substances affect not only the mind of the user, but they lessen protection.

    So — WHY are there so many people calling themselves Paranormal Investigators’ today?

Some people love watching the myriad of paranormal programs on television…and assume that because it looks so easy as all TV shows portray… that there is no danger, and no need for any preparation. Anyone can call themselves a P.I. according to those shows.
There’s one show that had a so-called Psychic Medium— I need not mention his name. But the skeptic of the group got sick and tired of that phony always letting on he was being ‘possessed’ by the different ghosts and demons the show team was investigating, so the skeptic created a false person who had supposedly passed in one location the team was in. Yup– you guessed it… that ‘psychic medium’ suddenly put on the performance that this fake man’s spirit was possessing him. It wasn’t long before he was removed from the show…

Another show whose ‘lead investigator’ constantly taunts the spirits and dares them to attack him or another member of the team truly looks to make investigating the paranormal a joke.
“Go ahead– I DARE you to hit me on the head with this axe”!
“You don’t scare me! You have never met the likes of ME before”!
“I want you to hit (name)”!
All he does is place himself and the entire team in danger. Definitely NOT one who should be emulated!

Then there is another show whose ‘lead investigator’ has been jailed for fraud over thousands of dollars owed to people who bought tickets to see presentations that never took place.

There are a number of people who treat paranormal investigating like a fad…. just like nearly everyone and their uncle had CB radios years ago, and formed clubs, there are many who class themselves as Paranormal Investigators simply from viewing those types of shows on television. Then they often form teams, but the problem is: without experience in dealing with the real paranormal, without that true passion for helping people experiencing paranormal problems, and without the truth being told concerning what such investigating entails, people can easily be led astray.
Let’s face it:
The TV paranormal shows have ratings they must keep high if they want to remain. Therefore, it’s little wonder that on EVERY episode, someone sees, hears, or feels something… they always seem to manage to get EVP’S…on every episode, it seems problems are solved. SURE— and I’m the good tooth fairy!
IN real life, paranormal investigations may not reveal any evidence the first time, and need to be repeated. Sometimes, in especially active locations, the spirits resent an Investigator coming, and they refuse to be active. EVP’s are not as easily obtained, and take time to properly analyze. CLASS A EVP’s [loud enough to hear with the ears] are not as numerous in real life as some shows let on. And catching a spirit moving on camera is not nearly as plentifully obtained as those shows claim.

The public needs to be better informed. Paranormal Investigating is tiring, and can be very dangerous when a person doesn’t know what they are doing, and this is not meant as any insult.

Would-be Investigators are exposing themselves, their families, and Clients to extreme danger when not properly informed, and protected.

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