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Being a Paranormal Investigator, I cannot over-stress the importance of honesty. Some people think it is perfectly fine to let on they see something in a picture or video, in hopes of making themselves appear credible.

Yesterday,(October 17th/16) I ran into an individual who momentarily joined our group, FREE-LANCE PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS in Facebook. She posted two photos— so bright, that I could see nothing… she went on to insist that these pictures were indeed active.
When I told her that I honestly could not see anything, she insisted even more. I explained WHY I could see nothing… she became very angry, and said I merely wanted to create an argument!
Immediately I replied to her, informing her that I will not let on I see something when I cannot, and reminded her I refused to keep things anything but honest and above-board.

PITY PARTY TIME for her… she removed her photos, and herself from the group!

Oh dear — needless to say, I didn’t lose any sleep over her! Other members of the group also posted their agreement in keeping things honest, which was great to see!

Honesty is of the utmost importance, whether it be in analyzing a photo, or in maintaining privacy for a Client.

Our Clients depend on our honesty in investigations, analysis, feedback, and after everything is done.

If we were to sacrifice our own integrity for simply telling people what they want to hear, whether true or not, then what good are we?
We would be about as helpful as a rubber crutch.

So if by any small chance that woman sees this blog post, let her learn something from the very outset:
I refuse to lie for any picture, video, book, whatever. Our Team does not even charge any fee for the work we do, and that’s no lie, either. Try hooking another fish, sweetheart— this one ain’t grabbing the bait!

Paranormal Investigators are often misunderstood, and have been accused of making claims of seeing things that are not there. Then, of course, there are individuals who will doctor up photos and try to pass them off as paranormal, giving us all a bad name. Videos are often put up on the Internet by unscrupulous individuals who make false ghosts appear, further damaging the reputations of those of us who are honest.

HONESTY—INTEGRITY—RELIABILITY—CLIENT PRIVACY— that is what real Paranormal Investigators have, and should maintain.

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