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Premonitions — what are they?

They are a forewarning of something about to happen, plain and simply defined.
Many people get them, and some ignore them, thinking they are just a crazy occurrence, and so they dismiss them, sometimes with sad consequences.
The premonition I am about to relate to you is true. It happened one day at work, while nursing in a retirement home.
Having just completed the morning med pass, I sat down to do my usual morning book work before the doctors would arrive.
Kitchen staff and nursing attendants came around For our typical morning chat, and in a few minutes, I would join them for coffee… or so I thought.
As we started talking, I suddenly had the vision of one of our residents, Grace P…. just her head, and it was turning around in circles from left to right.
Immediately, I jumped up, yelling, “Oh my God— Grace– she’s in some kind of danger”! We all went running to her room, which was the last one down the hall. On entering her room, she was just about to step into the tub… which she had filled with HOT water, and I do mean hot — purely hot water, which would have scalded her to death. We grabbed her and sat her on the bed, and fortunately, no scalding or worse happened. That water was so hot that we had to lock the bathroom doors (adjoining rooms) until it cooled enough for us to be able to pull the plug and empty it.
The staff who doubted my psychic abilities immediately became believers !


Another premonition I had occurred when I was doing a playing card reading for a friend… the number TWO was prevalent, which indicated to me that something would happen within a period of two weeks, days, or even hours… TWO kept showing up, which led me to feel it was two hours. This friend was very naive, and never locked her car doors when driving, even alone late at night.
There was an intense feeling of dread I felt, and so I warned her to be SURE to lock her car doors when driving home that night. She promised she would, and left within the hour, me reminding her to lock those doors.
A few minutes after she got home, I received a frantic phone call from her… she thanked me profusely or warning her about locking her car doors. When she had come to a stop sign, and stopped her vehicle, a scruffy looking male jumped out of the ditch and tried to get into her car. She took off fast, and thankfully, with her doors all locked, he could not gain entry. Coincidence? Psychic premonition? You be the judge! Fortunately, she learned a valuable lesson, and continued to lock those car doors every time from then on.


Years ago, a friend was wanting to buy a new car. I was reading with playing cards at the time, and saw that he planned to, so I asked him, and he confirmed he intended to…
But a warning came with the reading.
I told him he would try out two cars… one brown with a beige top, and the other blue wi a darker blue top. He would notice a severe problem with the first, and end up buying the second. He got a good chuckle out of it, but I assured him it would happen.
Two days later, he came to the house, looked at me in amazement, and asked, “HOW did you know”?
HE immediately told me what had occurred…
On wanting to take the brown vehicle for a test drive, he never even made it out of the lot. The brakes seized, and he nearly crashed. Goodbye to car number one.
Going to another dealer, he saw the blue one I had previously mentioned. He took it for a test drive, and it worked beautifully, ending up being the new car he bought.

This next story is one accepted by Andrew Hind and Maria DaSilva, and published in one of their books:

It happened on an extremely hot, muggy night when my mother and I were visiting a friend, and playing cards.
As the evening progressed into pitch black night thanks to the heavily overcast sky, there was no moonlight… and we all decided to take a dip in dire hopes of cooling down. Our friend lived right by the river, and in we went, when suddenly Mom let a yell out of her. On asking what was wrong, she said her ring had slipped of her finger… it was aquamarine, surrounded by diamonds, and she cherished it.
Immediately, we all began feeling around on the sandy bottom for it, when suddenly I voiced a comment that we were only stirring the bottom up, and it would make it harder to find if we didn’t wait until daylight. The next thing I said shocked even me— I said “Let me dream on it”!
What made me say that I don’t know. Both Mom and Gwen became somewhat miffed, and asked me if I was trying to play God… I assured them I was not. However, I did add that it would most likely be very early in the morning when I would be back to find the ring, and asked Gwen if she would get up and see that ring when I found it. Reluctantly, she agreed…when early morning came, and it was still dark outside, I ran into Mom’s bedroom to tell her I knew exactly where her ring would be found. She doubted me, but got up, and over to Gwen’s we went.
Needless to say, Gwen did not welch on her promise, but came outside with us. it happened exactly as my dream: We walked to the water’s edge, I pointed to one spot, and said, “There it is”!
Putting the ring back on Mom’s finger, I added a warning yet I didn’t know why I was saying it…. and told her if she lost it again, she would never get it back.
Sure enough, a short time later while at work, Mom took the ring off when washing hands… a habit she had all her life.
When she returned to the washroom to retrieve it, it was gone. She had her suspicions who had taken it, but could not prove it, so she said nothing further when being told it had never been turned in at the office. Unfortunately, she never saw that ring again, just as predicted.


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