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Yes, it’s true! But it depends on what you do with those abilities that determines whether they will continue to develop, or stagnate.
No doubt you know the expression, “Use it or lose it”. That is also true. What is left unused eventually becomes unavailable.

For one example, let’s consider a garden bed. You care for it, keep its soil in good condition, plant and water regularly…you fertilize when needed, keep it weeded, and as a result, get a good crop if the weather co-operates.
But ignore it for a few seasons, and the story has a totally different ending. WEEDS ruin the soil. It becomes compacted and hard. The microorganisms that once thrived in it die. The soil is rendered useless through neglect…

The same thing happens when your natural abilities are ignored.

But all is not lost, because you can still tap into those natural resources. I fought against my Empathic abilities for decades, but once accepting it, the abilities are not only thriving, but developing into other areas.
My psychic abilities are also returning, which I hope to use in order to help others having the same fears I once did.

Have you ever heard the doorbell ring, or heard a knock on your door, and before opening that door, you knew who was there?
Have you heard your phone ring, and knew who was calling before answering or checking the caller ID?
Do you ever wake up knowing deep inside that you are going to hear news, good, or bad?
Do you finish another person’s sentence before they do when they are speaking?
Do you know what it is inside a gift box before tearing the decorative paper off?

Believe it or not, this ALL stems from our inborn psychic ability!

If we just try to ignore it, the ability does seem to lessen, but in time it will come to the fore again. If we try to nurture this ability, it will improve, but it still takes time to develop.

Many times we hear about Psychics and Mediums who have assisted Police in the solving of crimes. While organized religions often insist that having these abilities is a damnable sin, we must consider WHO gives us these gifts! God does… and if we use them to solve crimes and better mankind, then wherein is the so-called sin?
It is how we use these gifts that counts as good or evil, not merely having them.

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