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To be an Empath means you feel other people’s pain, their emotional states, illness, etc…
You can often literally read another person’s mind and know what they are thinking.
You are usually a great judge of character, and can also easily determine when people are lying to you.
Naturally attuned to nature, animals are attracted to you, even wild species.
You usually love water, plants, controlled fires, such as campfires, candlelight, etc…
Children seem to be naturally attracted to you, and often, so are total strangers. You’re easy to talk to, and often open up conversations when people you just meet speak to you.
You’re also an excellent listener, naturally friendly, and supportive as well as encouraging. You say what you think.
You love learning new skills, are usually highly creative, and put your heart and soul into everything you do.

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?
Well, it can be… but there are some drawbacks to everything, being an Empath no exception!

Because you feel other people’s pain, and illnesses, some people often accuse you of being a hypochondriac.

Because you know their emotional states, some people think you are a know-it-all.

Because you can often tell what others are thinking, some people fear you, thinking it is unsafe to even think of anything when near you.

Because you a such a great knower of character, some people think you are aloof.

When you know someone is lying, it immediately sets up a wall between you and the one who is lying, and your reservation is extremely difficult to hide from others. Furthermore, if you reveal you know someone is lying, that same person may often spread rumors that you are untrustworthy.

Animals are usually loved by you, but sometimes wild animals, especially the larger ones, may be so attracted to you, they make you feel nervous. But the smaller ones in the wild, such as chipmunks, squirrels, birds, etc… will often eat straight from your hand, and even allow you to pet them while eating. Larger animals in the wild are not so obliging, nor should you even attempt it!

Your love of water, plants, controlled fires, such as campfires, candlelight, etc… can make you appear to be overly romantic, or indeed, narcissistic in the extreme. This is especially thought of those Empaths who tend to be loners! You may often be thought of as one who simply loves your own company.

While children seem to be naturally attracted to you, extreme caution must be taken, especially nowadays, where pedophiles are running rampant. This is no joke. Empaths who attract a number of children are sometimes considered strange, and have often been watched closely concerning their interaction with little ones. Only until the parents of these children understand and accept you, and the children’s attraction to you, will they relax such opinions.

Total strangers…often these people, having never met you previously, begin a conversation with you. And because you are naturally friendly, approachable, an excellent listener… these same people often end up telling you their complete life history if they can before you are on your way again!

You’re supportive as well as encouraging, which is a wonderful trait… but some people will take your support and encouragement as as a means of self-enabling. Some will totally drain your energy, and use you to the point of your collapse. Yes indeed, that type of person will use you as long as they want you, then abandon you like you’re a carrier of typhoid.

You say what you think. This includes saying things not everyone wants to hear! You are sometimes too honest for others to appreciate, because you do not hold back, or engage in mere flattery.
Some people will certainly admire your honesty, but there are also some who will say you have no tact, and are too opinionated in saying what you think. For this very reason alone, you tend to have fewer friends than most people.

You love learning new skills, are usually highly creative, and put your heart and soul into everything you do. All great characteristics, but sometimes, you may be so quick to learn new skills that some people will insist you knew that skill all along, and you’re only letting on you just learned it.
Empaths are legendary for creativity… sometimes being so creative, they astound people. When you display a newly-created item, some people will think you are just bragging or showing off.
When you put your heart and soul into everything you do, you are also very selective in WHAT YOU DO !
For one example, you love doing one thing, such as reading… but despise cooking. As an Empath, you tend to concentrate on what you WANT to do rather than what you SHOULD!

EMPATHS ARE VERY MISUNDERSTOOD… but there are remedies!
Empaths have the gift of understanding…. sometimes, we understand too much, and can get frustrated– not only with ourselves, but others around us.
We usually have a small circle of friends. BUT— those friends are priceless, loyal to the extreme, and usually Empathic just like us.
Most Empaths struggle with the notion of telling others of their abilities, because many, if not most people don’t understand us. We fear reprisal, and even loss of employment because people don’t accept us as normal.
People misunderstand us to the point where we think we are mentally unbalanced, due to lack of friendship circles, our inner feelings, our pickup of others’ feelings, how others perceive us, and how we literally perceive ourselves.
I have obviously been an Empath all my life, but fought against accepting it for decades, thinking I was mentally unstable. I would range in mood from really happy to morose, for no apparent reason. Some days I felt like nothing or anyone could stop me from soaring to the heights I dreamed of; other days, I felt like simply giving up.
I only went to grade ten in normal daytime high school… I hated the lack of friends, the rushing, the frustration with other students, the noise, the crowding of each classroom… the crowd of other students passing in the hallways between class periods proved nothing but emotionally frustrating. My grades were bordering on failure, and I had no initiative to try harder.
I finished high school at home, through correspondence, studying at my own pace, and achieving excellent grades as a result, within a two-year period. When I entered Nursing School, my grades were again excellent, and I graduated top of the class, even making the Dean’s List for achievement of graduating with an average of over 90 %…. actually, I graduated with 94… but I am not saying this to brag. I am saying this to ENCOURAGE others who have similar problems in the normal, everyday school scene. If I was incapable of learning the material in regular high school as I felt back then, I sure as shootin’ would never have made it through the College! If I was as dumb as I thought myself to be, I would have washed out even before the first semester, let alone even be accepted for the training..
Even after all that, I still fought against my Empathic abilities, concentrating on my chosen career instead.
It was not until my 65th year, when I was harassed out of my job of 23 years, and ended up retiring, that I finally accepted my God-given gift. Since then, I have met more like me, we are good friends, and things are straightening out for me. Instead of feeling like I don’t fit in anywhere, I now know I AM NOT CRAZY…. and my abilities are now expanding to Clairaudience, and it seems Medium.
Being a Christian [Baptist], some folks apparently feel I have supposedly ‘gone to the dark side’ because I help other people in dealing with paranormal activities that used to terrify me as a child. In all honesty, no, I have not. My prayer life is very strong, I trust the Lord totally, and know this is a CALLING from Him to help others who are now going through what I did as a child. I have a partner in FREE-LANCE PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS, living in another area of Muskoka, who is also an Empath and Medium. I recently met another person, yet, we met before…this person contacted me by email when I was advertising for new featured guests on my show… I replied to the email, and then we exchanged addresses—- this person lives in the same area I do, and on the same street!!!! Talk about coincidence!. AND— that person is also an Empath and a Medium. Stopping to pet my doggie BEFORE I even knew she possessed these traits and abilities, she and I have also become good friends.

FREE-LANCE PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS charges no fee for our investigative services, period. So to those Christians who imagine I have ‘ gone to the dark side’ and abandoned me as a Christian, I can only advise, THINK AGAIN. Yes, I used to be quite active with the church, and yes, the church did assist me when I was newly retired and financially struggling , thanks to greatly reduced income. I will never forget that, nor should I. I managed to pay back some, not by the church requesting or demanding repayment, but because I wanted to.
But ever since the church asked me what I do now in my days of retirement, and I HONESTLY told them I help people with paranormal problems, I WAS CUT OFF from their prayer circle. No one from there has contacted me since. I have not been back to any church since. Instead, I worship God, the Great Spirit, at home, quietly, yet reverently. Still, I will help others experiencing paranormal problems, and I feel very positive that HE will never abandon me like the church did.
I literally went through a private, personal hell as a child experiencing paranormal terror. NO church will ever convince me I was so sinful I deserved it, or let me think I am no longer a Christian by abandoning me as a member. It is their loss, not mine. I used to be quite active in the church, cooking and baking… funerary reception prep, etc… serving, and expressing my personal condolences to the bereaved. I know what losing loved ones is like.
But— I ALSO KNOW that the big screen and hyper-noisy sound system is not necessary to worship the Creator God. The waving of arms in the air is also totally UN-necessary. False piety is always something I have detested, and still do.
But then, I have always been known for saying what I think … after all, I am an Empath !

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