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This term simply means clear hearing, and it is the ability to perceive sounds or words from outside sources in the spirit world. Psychics who are clairaudient hear voices, sounds or music that are not audible to the normal ear. They receive these messages mentally or simply within their ears.
Being an Empath, I have discovered lately that Clairaudient abilities are presenting themselves to me, especially at night.
Often, I hear the voice of what sounds to me like that of a radio announcer talking, but he is always distant; it is usually difficult to make out what is being said. It is always a male voice doing the announcing for some reason…

Frequently I hear music… sometimes right after the ‘announcer’ speaks. At other times, music simply comes, and I can sometimes pick out the song being played. Other music I hear sounds like a chorus singing… usually I do not identify what their song is, but it is beautiful, and very harmonic… angels?

It is said that having ringing, popping, or buzzing noises in the ears indicates spirit is trying to communicate with a clairaudient. I have had this all my life, yet did not hear spirit communication. Then, too— I fought against my strange feelings for decades that I did not fit into this world; I felt like I was on the outside, looking in. I had few friends, and many considered me the oddball of the group. Always the last to be selected for any team efforts at school, I felt very ostracized and unwanted. I never did that well on most school subjects, other than spelling, English and art. I always excelled in art. I finished high school at home, by correspondence, and did very well studying on my own those subjects I found too frustrating in the classroom.
In nursing school, I graduated with top honors in the class, and made the Deans’ list with an average of 94 % on the finals.
Why did I improve so much in academics on my own?
The idea came to me that by making up exam-type questions, answering, grading, and re-writing, re-grading, etc… until I achieved a 100 % grade, would help me get a good mark in nursing school. It sure did. But WHERE did that idea come from? As a Christian, I believe it came from God, who sent counsel to me, to prove I was not as dumb as I had always thought myself to be. Did He send a spirit to me to give me that advice?
Spirits ARE mentioned in the Bible, despite organized religions which insist anyone who has anything to do with spirits is hell-doomed.
When Jesus was observed by Peter as He walked upon the water, Peter looked as if he had seen a spirit, or ghost…
when Jesus died on the cross, He cried out, then ‘gave up the ghost’ as the Bible clearly states.
People deemed to be ‘speaking in tongues’— not the mumbo-jumbo gibberish televangelists put on in their grandiose money-grubbing performances… these tongues are ACTUAL languages the speaker has never known before, or was ever taught. The Bible tells us they speak ‘as the spirit uttereth’…

It was not until my 65th year that I finally accepted the fact that I am an Empath…ever since I began working with instead of against it, things are straightening out, and now I find I am developing Clairaudient abilities, and possibly Medium. My Psychic abilities that I had as a kid are returning.

A short while ago, I clearly heard a female voice say “HELLO” in my head— I responded, but heard nothing further.
As time goes by, I still hear music, the ‘announcer’, and sometimes metallic tones, although arranged rather musically. I still hear the choir of singers…. I am not rushing anything, but letting it all come to fruition on its own time.

It has been said that if you talk to yourself sometimes, you are probably being approached by spirit… I often find myself doing that when I enter a room, then ask aloud, “Now what did I come in here for?”
Or, the TV has a ridiculous commercial, and I find myself saying something aloud about it! When I am writing, and hit a mental block, I often say aloud, “Come on, Elaine— THINK!” Sounds crazy, I know, but no— I am far from certifiable!

Sometimes after pondering a problem, the solution will hit very suddenly. Again, I give God the credit, for sending spirit to tell me.

Regardless of what organized religion claims, I am positive God does not hold anger towards me for dealing with the paranormal and helping other people who are being bothered by such activity. HE is given the full credit for success, since it is HE who does the real work, merely using me as a tool to help others who are frightened by it.

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