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©  Elaine Matthews

Today, thankfully, more people are open to discussing the things that go bump in the night, and daytime hours too.

Being a PI is not for everyone, especially the timid, fearful, or emotionally insecure. If you’re afraid of darkness, working alone, or with a group, tightly-enclosed spaces, cold, out-of-the-way places, or height, paranormal investigation may not be your cup of java.

You’re always best to take someone with you when you investigate, for safety as well as proof of activity.
Older buildings need special precautions to be taken, because of dangerous conditions that may be present. A protective face mask is essential if you plan on exploring abandoned buildings, especially old hospital / sanatorium settings. They can be bought relatively cheaply in drug stores. Wherever possible, permission should always be obtained prior to entering abandoned buildings.

PLEASE REMEMBER: just because a building is abandoned, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is haunted!

Your personal life should not be infringed upon for being a Paranormal Investigator!

Some people have told me that since I am a Christian, I should have nothing to do with it. On the contrary, it is BECAUSE I’m a Christian that I am involved with it! There is ample proof that our spirits live on after death… most go to be with the Lord on their demise; but some are trapped in the earthly plane, and cannot leave, which requires the help of an Investigator to help them cross over to the light.

People who passed under strange circumstances, such as murder… are often tied to the earthly plane.  People who have taken their own lives are often tied to the earthly plane as well.  Many times, people say ‘suicide is the coward’s way out’— but that is not always the case. Some may commit suicide as cowards, yes– those who have committed horrendous crimes, and fear legal punishment, so they kill themselves rather than face that.

But we also need to remember there are people who are so forgotten, frustrated, ill, or forlorn, that to them, death is the only solution to their problems, and they use every last ounce of courage in order to succeed. Years ago, it was believed that anyone who took their own life was sent to Hell. Today, thankfully, those beliefs have changed, even in the Church. It is not up to us to judge their motives; we are here to help them, and the families they leave behind.

People who pass on before completion of something they planned often remain as ghosts, and sometimes need our help to cross over. Still, some spirits remain here to protect loved ones, property, etc…

This is written in order to give people who are interested in investigating the realm of the Paranormal a bit of 101…

As a Christian Investigator, I am heavy on prayer and rely totally on God to safely remove entities to where they are to remain for eternity.
As an Expulsionist, removal of demonic entities again depends entirely on God doing the actual work. For me to take the credit would not only be wrong, but would mark me as a liar, as well as a fool !
It would also place me in grave danger… no pun intended.

Paranormal Investigators need not reveal all the details of their private lives any more than the person who does not concern him or herself with it. Some people think we should literally provide our life history, as well as list all our experiences with the Paranormal before embarking on a case. While we should not be secretive, our private lives should remain private, and only info pertaining to the case at hand should be discussed. But asking an Investigator, “How many cases have you handled or been involved with?” is really something that should be avoided. Every Investigator had to begin somewhere. Many of us, myself included, grew up with ghostly activity, was terrified by it as a child, but all the more intrigued by it as an adult.
My involvement with other teams have proven beneficial to others as well as myself, because their members come from many different walks of life.

Myself, being retired now, I am more free to discuss paranormal activities, because I don’t need to worry over loss of a job because of my beliefs.
A retired Nurse, I concentrated on caring for developmentally challenged people for the last twenty-three years, becoming a Chef after retiring from nursing. In all of my work history, the paranormal has played a role to some degree, in the hospital setting, group home setting, seniors’ home setting, etc…

Having witnessed ghostly activity numerous times over the years, it doesn’t frighten me like it would someone witnessing a ghost for the first time.

Some people often ask what safeguards a Paranormal Investigator should use before taking on a case. Personally speaking, I use prayer, asking God’s protection and divine help. I pray before, during, and after an investigation.
Other safeguards include (but are not limited to) speaking normally to the spirits… an Investigator should never talk down to them as if they are ‘lower class’ or something, They were once living human beings just as you and I are now. They can hear you just fine!

Taunting or unjustly provoking a spirit is something that is extremely dangerous, and can place an entire Team in jeopardy if engaged in. Threatening a spirit is just as dangerous, and foolhardy at the very least.

For example:

“You’re just a stupid idiot. Show yourself to me, and I will kick your sorry ass out of here.”

“You want to try taking me on? I’m tougher than you think! Just try it!”

One thing I personally will not do is call a ghost ‘it’.
A demonic entity, yes, I do, knowing they were not human beings.


Provocation is fine when the Investigator is trying to encourage communication, for example:

“My name is Elaine … would you please tell me yours? I’d really like to talk with you.”

“This is a beautiful room … would you allow me to take a picture of it, and possibly you as well?”

“I’m not here to upset you; I’m friendly, and I come in peace. I only want to talk with you, and help you if I can.”

I strongly discourage anyone imitating Zak from that television show, since inviting a ghost or demon to remain or follow you is not only dangerous, but ridiculous to do. Encouraging them to scratch, hit, punch, trip, strike you with a weapon, or strangle you is also just as dangerous, and one of these days, the spirits may well take that kind of invitation up literally, and the result could be the beating of his life… if not death. Zak is NOT wise in doing so, and I take full responsibility for saying that. He invites danger to himself, and his fellow Investigators by such actions.While every Investigator has their own unique approach to how they do things, unnecessary provoking and threatening is not something to emulate! an investigator may soon find he or she will get more than they asked for.


Simply watching ghost investigation programs will no more make a person an Investigator than will watching a surgical video make one a surgeon.
It takes research, knowledge of the subject, and practice. It demands level-mindedness, and dedication, sometimes even to the selfless degree. Obtaining as much information about the site being investigated is extremely important.

It is also important to know as much about the Client as possible, which is why we have a form we request those we help fill out so we can get some understanding of the problem in written form. It also helps us keep track of what investigations were done, where, when, and the results of each investigation.

An Investigator should never be under the influence of drugs or alcohol before or during an investigation. It is highly dangerous, as it lowers the protective influences around him or her… AND it also makes other Investigators look bad in the eyes of others.
Investigations need to be taken seriously, the aim being to help not only the spirits, but the living people requesting the process of investigation. Every serious Investigator should try to maintain a professional, reliable reputation.

It also helps greatly to maintain a good sense of humor. Laughing at our own mistakes is not only beneficial in the long run, but it also helps teach us not to make a mistake similar to it in the future. Just keep the humor where it belongs!!!! Never use humor at the expense of the spirits, the clients, or your Team!

Always keep notes. They are invaluable in refreshing your memory pertaining to each case, and in adding to your experience as you go over all the details later on. Notes are a valuable teaching tool, and a new Investigator may well benefit from your notes as well.

Learn to listen…. not only to the sounds around you in an investigation, but to the clients, and your Team members as well. Collaborate with each other. There’s no such thing as a Team of one!

Look around you — but keep safe while doing so! Not all investigations need to be done in total darkness, in fact, very FEW do. It is totally unnecessary to turn off all the lights to make everything dark. Ghosts will be active in the daytime as well as night. There’s nothing wrong with using a flashlight, or the flash on a camera. Be very careful in using a cigarette lighter for momentary light though, until you know what all is around you in the room.

Take all factors into consideration and investigate each factor thoroughly before dismissing them as non-paranormal. By the same token, don’t assume that everything you see or hear is paranormal!

Know the equipment you use, and use it properly. You don’t need to go into great detail about your equipment to others, and it need not all be expensive. In fact, some of it can be easily made and you save a few shekels in the bargain.

Ask others for help if you cannot handle something yourself individually, or as a Team. There is no admission of defeat, or shame in asking another Team to assist… after all, your concern should be for the client, and successful release of the spiritual activity.

Above all, maintain confidentiality of your client. Some people are very reluctant to call upon an investigative team because of the fear their names will be given out, their addresses, etc… Assuring prospective clients of anonymity is of utmost importance in gaining their trust, and ensuring that you, as an Investigator, are trustworthy.

Finally, be aware that paranormal investigative work is just that — WORK. And it must be taken seriously.
It can be extremely exhausting both mentally and physically. Breaks are needed to re-coupe energy and maintain your interest and ability as an Investigator.

For those of you who may be interested in becoming PI’s, I hope you find this article to be of some help.

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