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There are many ways a person can detect paranormal activity, and there are some very common signs pertaining to it. However, just because some signs are present, it is best not to simply assume it is paranormal, and become fearful of something else happening. If you strongly suspect that something paranormal is going on, check into it, or invite a paranormal investigator to help you.

Let’s assume you are at home right now, watching TV …you have several lamps on —  suddenly, the lights in the room start flashing. Paranormal? Could be — or, you could also be having warning signs of an impending power outage. Though it is unlikely that all bulbs would burn out at once, it is possible —  a power surge could cause it.

You hear a loud noise in an adjacent room.   Kids? If you have none, what about pets? If you have none, what else could it be? Before deciding it’s paranormal, consider that perhaps something may have fallen, possibly because of imbalance. Or, you have a mouse in the house and might not be aware of it, and it knocked something over as it scrambled across it.

There are usually tell-tale signs of paranormal activity, and while the above examples are only a couple, there are many more:

–things disappearing only to turn up in a place where you know you did not put it. [ For one example, a blouse I had made which had been washed and hung out to dry, turned up days later stuck in the pulley of our water pump. It was totally ruined.]

–electrical appliances turning on or off by themselves

–radio stations or television channels changing by themselves, or increasing in volume

–apportation– things appearing which you do not own, or have no knowledge of

–voices in another room — Often, these voices may be muffled so you cannot understand what they are saying

–knocking sounds on walls, ceilings, or floors

–curtains moving when there is nothing like a heating vent to cause it

–taps or showers turning on by themselves

–toilets flushing when no one has used them

–stove elements turning on by themselves [In my present home, I have a propane gas stove. The rear right element came on by itself while I was in the kitchen at the counter. In order to turn an element on, the control knob must first be pressed in, then turned! It’s a safety feature to prevent accidental turn-ons.]

–doors opening and closing by themselves

–windows opening or closing by themselves

–sudden disarray of a room which had been left neat and tidy

–hearing your name being called

–hearing laughter or crying when you are alone in the home

–feelings of sudden nausea or weakness, or cold

— feelings that you are being watched

–sudden onset of terror, feeling something horrible is about to happen to you

–fear of going into a certain area of your home

–children seen or heard talking to a presence you cannot see or hear

–pets nervous or jumpy in certain areas of the house

–the sound of footfalls in another area of the house or upstairs

–a sudden scream that only you hear, and no one else does

–the phone rings and no one is on the other end

Electrical wiring can often cause the feelings of being watched, nausea and fear, especially around the electrical box, or if you live close to a transformer.

Vibrations can often cause doors to open or close, windows to open or close, etc… vibrations can be so slight that you do not feel them, but they can often be enough to cause these things to happen. Air circulation can cause doors to open or close, sometimes even slamming shut. Vibration can cause radio stations to move, and if there is air in the pipes, taps can turn on or off.

As you can see, there are many indications of spirit activity, but they must all be ruled out to probable cause, or ‘debunked’ as we call it, before deciding paranormal activity is the root. This is where a paranormal investigator can help you to make such a determination, and put your mind at ease.

If it does indeed turn out that you have such activity, a  paranormal investigator can help get rid of the problem.





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