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People sometimes use the pendulum to communicate with the spirit world. It is simply an object hung from a chain, which swings back and forth, or sideways, answering questions according to how it swings.They can be bought fairly cheaply, but some people prefer to make their own.

I made mine from a locket, and filled it with blessed sea salt to prevent any evil from entering it.

I rarely use it, but it is there if I need it!  pendulum 001

For some users, the answer is YES if the pendulum sways from left to right; for others, from right to left… each user is different. A NO is often the case when the pendulum swings in a circular motion.

pendulum2Pendulums are often used not only in divination or paranormal research, but for inducing the trance state in hypnosis.

Divining Rods

These are not only used in paranormal investigations, but commonly used for finding water, or metal.


They are easy to make, and cost much less…. and thankfully, just as effective to use!



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