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By Elaine Matthews on Friday, July 10, 2015 at 9:39pm


Pronounced “WEEJA” (not ‘weejy’) this board’s name is a combination of the French OUI for YES, and the German JA for YES… some even pronounce it WEEYA, because the German JA is pronounced ‘Yah’…

The Ouija board is used as a form of communication with the spirit realm, but is considered to be very dangerous because the user has no personal control over who or what he/she may contact. Some people will insist that using the Ouija is exactly the same as a person using the spirit box, or PSB7 or PSB 11… but in reality, it is not, because the user of the spirit box does have control over who he/she allows to talk. When using a Ouija, the group holds the planchette, and of course,there is always an accusation or two:  “YOU’RE pushing it!”

With the PSB units, one person controls the unit, even though several people may speak.

The Ouija board is commonly sold as an innocent parlor game toy, for amusement purposes only… however, its results of use are often sinister, and often a spirit will attach to someone unawares until that spirit decides to make the attachment known.

Many people, myself included, refer to the board as ‘Satan’s Pen’    and will not even allow one in their home.

The question was asked how to safely to get rid of an unwanted board, so I put this information together in response to that query:     OIUJA


Getting rid of Ouija boards…

Sometimes people are unsure of a safe way to discard an unwanted Ouija board, and as a result, they hang onto the things for years, afraid of something bad happening if they try to get rid of them,


Such boards, which have been palmed off as ‘harmless parlor game entertainment’ are far from harmless.


The things have many nicknames…

Satan’s pen;


talking board;

the yes-yes board, etc…


These boards usher in many spirits … some good, some helpful, some afraid, some lost …. but they also admit evil ones. The user of the board has no way of knowing which kind until the damage has been done, and then, the battles ensues how to get rid of the evil entity.


If the user was lucky, the evil entity leaves of its own accord, and looks for darker pastures… but if it decides to remain and bother that user, all hell can ( and often does) break loose.


Some people declare they have used the board for decades and have never had a bad experience; well, they are fortunate!

I remember as a kid using one, and the group of using it often received some strange messages. I was told that time was too important, and I should buy education first … another in the group was told “I don’t want to talk with you”… still, another received one word, “DEATH”. No death occurred, fortunately, but could it be that whoever the spirit was, was merely warning the group what could happen?

But getting rid of a Ouija board is something that must be carefully done to avoid problems later on.


The entities concerned with the board must be bound with that board.


I pray for protection first, to God in Jesus’ name.

While this may sound odd, say to the BOARD:

“In the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I BIND ALL EVIL ENTITIES connected with this board TO THIS BOARD”.


Next, using sea salt, form a cross on the front and the back of the board. Sure, the salt will fall off when you turn it… but the evil will still be bound there.


Now you are safe to discard the board, preferably by burning it, and don’t forget to offer a prayer of thanks for God’s protection as you finish. Some people also prefer to bury the board intact rather than burn it. Either way, after binding all evil to the board, is effective.

Once you safely remove the board and discard it, you should be safe from any influence coming from it. The one I burned years ago had a variety of weird colors coming from it as it burned, and ever since then, I will not allow one in my home.


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