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Often, doubt exists where ghostly activities have been reported… “It’s just kids doing that” is a common comment when things are left in disarray in certain rooms. If it’s an abandoned building, many people say its always vandalism. But IS IT? Since ghosts do not appear on command, they often wait until after a person has left the area they haunt before they begin moving things around.

One of the methods Investigators often use is laying out TRIGGER OBJECTS — in order to see whether or not any human hands are involved.

A trigger object is an inanimate object such as a toy, personal belonging, or other object associated with the deceased, which is sometimes used to attract the entity’s attention or possibly capture the object in motion by creating possible physical contact of the object by the entity.

A trigger object can be literally anything:

a child’s toy

a piece of clothing

a radio with a station selected

a food item


If you decide to use a trigger object, here’s a little tip: draw around it with a washable marker or piece of chalk — on re-checking, if the object has been moved at all, it will show on the outline drawing.

The piece of clothing — fold it a specific way, take a pic of how you leave it, then see later if it has been moved.

If you use a radio with a pre-set station, make note of the station you selected, and leave the radio on low volume. Set a voice recorder near it, and leave it on to record any sounds of possible station changes, volume changes, voices or footsteps.

If you use food as a trigger, see later if it has been moved, is gone, or scattered. See if you see any sign of mouse droppings… it could just be a rodent!


Another good trick to use is to put baby powder on the floor — see later if anything has occurred, and if you see any footprints in the powder. If it’s a living person trying to fool you, he or she should think twice before moving things around — a ghost won’t!

If you want to buy electronic trigger objects, they are available at most Paranormal supply outlets, but they can be expensive!

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