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Claiming or Re-Claiming Personal Space…


© Elaine Matthews

You hear strange noises in your home, often worse at night… your electrical belongings, such as radio, and TV do weird things such as turning on or off by themselves, changing channels, or increasing/decreasing volume levels unexpectedly… the house lights flicker. Sometimes you hear voices of people talking, intelligible or otherwise. You often see shadows from the corner of your eyes… or see people others cannot.

Are you crazy? Schizophrenic? Maybe … but not always.

Sometimes it can be a paranormal event. And when it is, there are certain steps that can be taken to reclaim your space. Moving is not always an option, and sometimes, not the best one either.

The activity you are experiencing has two purposes usually:

1…. to warn you or protect you

2…. to take over YOUR space

Similar to the rude customer in a store who pushes past you in the line-up, you need to stand up for yourself. “Excuse me, BUT — the end of this line is back THERE!”

It’s the same with a ghostly presence. He or she needs to be shown the end of the line, while you hold onto your space.

Spirits are often willing to leave simply after being acknowledged and encouraged to cross over. But sometimes you’ll encounter spirits who are afraid to leave, love the place, or are somehow attracted to you.

You might be wondering how or why a spirit could be attracted to you personally. He or she could be a relative or close friend wanting to make contact with you for some reason. There could be impending danger they wish to warn you about. They could also be present to keep you company if you are alone. This is very often true with pets, despite the long-lived rumor that ‘pets don’t have souls’. It has long ago been proven THEY DO.

Strange as it might sound, some spirits linger because they are totally unaware they have passed from this life to the spirit world, and to them, YOU are the intruder in THEIR space. This is often intensified whenever the new owner of a dwelling begins to renovate the home or property on which it stands. Let’s now assume I am your ghost. Just like if I were to invade your home, and start ripping things out, adding this and that, etc… you would naturally confront me and most likely with deserved anger.

But I am a stubborn ghost, and I say, “This is MY HOME! GET OUT!” Now what do you do?

I need to be encouraged to leave you in peace. In life, I was simply an average person, working for my living. I paid for my home, love it, and don’t want anyone messing up with it. Then you move in. WHY have you invaded MY property?

A paranormal investigative Team may be necessary to encourage me to leave. But I don’t want to. You are the invader in my house, and I want you out. And if you refuse to get out, I’ll become pretty darned angry… hence, the haunt.

The Team will perform the investigation, do a house cleansing by smudging and often prayers of protection. In life I was a God-fearing person. When I hear those prayers, I begin to think of my family… where are they now, and why am I here all by myself in this house?

And since sage is well known to be repulsive to spirits, I decide I need help to find out what’s really going on. The Investigative Team has someone who can talk to me… a psychic medium who can understand me and what I am saying. I try to talk loudly, but often living people hear nothing, so they try to record my voice. When the recorder does succeed in picking up my voice in an EVP (electronic voice phenomena) my voice is not loud, but often heard in a whisper.

It could even be a voice that sounds different from my own.

Talk to me kindly, please… I like to treat others kindly, so don’t belittle or threaten me…. I am not a child, or a danger to anyone… I’m just a spirit looking for help to go to be with my loved ones…

Don’t curse at me. Don’t scream and shout… I can hear you just fine if you speak to me normally.

The strange-looking things that Team you have here are holding… what are they? What are they for, and why are they using them here? TELL ME what these objects are so I understand. You tell me it is safe for me to touch something, but how do I know you’re telling me the truth? After all, you want me out. Show me how those gadgets work, so I can understand and not be afraid to touch them to let you know I’m here and understand you. Tell me about the Light, and show me how to go through it to pass on to the other realm…

So much for the above scenario… I have successfully crossed over, and the new owners of the house are happy.

Now let’s assume I’m a really stubborn ghost:

YOU’RE in MY space. I hate you. I hate your children, and even your pets. GET OUT, before I start getting really mad and throw things at you… some things that could really harm, if not kill you. I’ll haunt you day and night. I’ll shout right into your ear and scare you into leaving. I’ll pinch and slap you. I don’t want you here, and I will create so much noise and trouble for you, you’ll leave me alone in MY HOUSE. You’ll run for your very life.

I’m a poltergeist…… a noisy, mischievous spirit, and I can turn malevolent if I don’t get my own way.

I hate you, so you’d better be afraid of me. After all, I FEED OFF YOUR FEAR. Your fear makes me all the stronger. You don’t dare just ignore me, because I’ll make your life a living hell if you try. I need attention. In fact, I DEMAND IT….

So — let’s assume you give me that attention…. and you’re afraid of me.

My power increases as your fear grows. I get stronger and stronger, and since I want you out of my home, I might even kill you if I feel in the mood… but let’s start with throwing things at your first.

You start screaming and hollering at me, and I’ll behave even worse! Try cursing at me, and I’ll really start throwing things, such as furniture. I might even pick just you out of the entire family and really pester you. Everyone else will think you’re crazy.

There are so many scenes I could create here, but the above are merely examples, although TRUE examples. I grew up with ghostly activity, and know for myself the difference between the fear of them, and what they can do if provoked.

So let’s get to the point of taking the next step after the investigation, and you still find problems persisting.

Firstly, not EVERY spirit will leave just because an Investigative Team enters the scene. If you fear their presence too much, they might love to linger! The presence of an investigator or a team of them could also anger the spirit.

How do you deal with it? RE-CLAIM YOUR SPACE.

It is easier than it sounds. Myself, being a Christian, I rely on prayer to God in Jesus’ name. HE does the work of releasing, banishing, etc… He merely uses me as a tool when I embark on investigations. The homeowner also has some responsibility in re-claiming his or her space after our work is completed.

If spiritual activity is still felt to be present, try smudging the entire home, and the people AND PETS living in it.

PRAY. Let God take over.

Talk to the entity. If a ghost, I always refer to them as a he or she, because they were once living human beings just like we are. If a demon, considering they were never human, I refer to them as ‘it’.

Tell them that your home is your space now. Tell them there is no need for them to remain here. Gently remind them of their loved ones and how great it will be to be reunited with them. Envision the white light mentally, and encourage the spirit to go through it to the other side, assuring them there is no danger for them. To envision the white light, I pray silently, then let God take control. I tell the spirit I am filling the room with white light, which is also protection, as well as the release for the spirit. Bible reading is also of great help … certain passages can and do ease a lost soul into the light of Christ.

Some people light a candle to help them envision the white light.

Once a spirit is released, the atmosphere in the home will change… the air feels ‘lighter’… the fear and heaviness of heart go away.


–try to see if there are any still there… this only encourages the return of spirit activity, especially malevolent ones.

–stop praying. God protects through prayer, and it is essential to thank Him for the safe release of the spirit(s)… and keep praying for His continued protection.

–take pictures in the home trying to capture a ghost with the intent of ‘proving’ there is still someone outer-worldly there

–doubt that the spirit transition has been successful. Doubt can and will often bring some back, especially malevolent ones.

–use a Ouija board in attempts to communicate or seek spirits….. these things are NOT ‘harmless parlor games’…. they are a gateway to pure evil. If you have one, bind the evil to it with sea salt, forming the cross with the salt on both sides of the board, then burn or bury it.


Pray to God for protection for you, and whomever is connected with the activity concerned with the board.

Odd as this sounds, say aloud that you bind forever all spiritual entities connected with that board and disrupting you or your home TO THAT BOARD, in the name of JESUS CHRIST, the Savior. Say aloud that our Lord Jesus Christ has commanded that this evil no longer be allowed here, it is banned and it must confine itself permanently to that board and all its gateways. Tell it is not allowed through command of our Lord Jesus to divide its spirits and/or demons, multiply, escape, re-attach to anyone or anything, or return. While talking aloud, pour the sea salt in the form of the cross on both sides of the board. Finish by announcing “Jesus commands your evil to confine yourself to this board, NOW, and forever in eternity. BE GONE in the name of Jesus.

Now you can safely bury or burn the board.

Say a prayer of thanks to God in Jesus; name for His protection. Very important to give Him thanks.

If someone wants to bring a Ouija board into your home, do not allow them to bring it inside.


–let negative thoughts of the previous haunting occur…. Keep your mindset as positive as possible. Negative energies detest positive thoughts and actions.

In cases of demonic activity:

Demons are by far worse than ghosts, and I will be posting a message concerning this as well. Fortunately, demonic activities are far less than ordinary haunting.

But please bear in mind that even demonic entities can be removed. Keep praying, keep positive, keep on with Bible reading of certain verses, preferably aloud when you feel its presence. Psalm 91 is a great protective reading, as is Psalm 23. ALWAYS give God the credit for the control of demonic activity.

More on the demonic aspect later in another article… hope you all find this useful in re-claiming your own spaces.


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