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Some spirits like having company; some do not. Some appreciate being spoken to; some would just prefer to be left alone.  Some have a message they want relayed; others simply watch, and wait to see what happens next in their surroundings.

These spirits (unless they are demons) were once living, breathing, human beings just as we are right now. They appreciate being spoken to kindly, providing they appreciate company!

It might help to remember that because they are deceased, they are limited now in methods of communication.

Some spirits may be nervous concerning the equipment you might have with you. Explain to them what you are using. Tell them you mean them no harm, and ask them to touch the object, or speak into the mike, etc…

Some spirits may not even realize they are in the spirit realm, and may wonder why you seem to be invading their private space.

Some spirits may want help to go to the light –still, others may be perfectly content being right where they are. And—– if they are demons, they want to control and possess you… not leave!

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