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Dealing with a spirit who is trapped


Sometimes a person who has passed on cannot leave this realm to advance on to the next. It could be because of unfinished business, and he or she needs to remain until a certain task is completed….but in this case, the spirit is found to be trapped in a specific location, unable to leave. They may be trapped because of being held against their will by an evil entity, or they could be unaware they can move on.

They may remain to protect a loved one, and feel they cannot leave. In time, they become trapped and unable to go.

The spirit may be trapped through fear of God’s judgement, and so prefer to remain on the earthly plane to avoid it. Some spirits are unaware that the white light will enable them to cross over from this plane to the next, and may ask a specific person for help. This request may come in the form of a dream, or a deep inner feeling that someone needs your help. It is difficult to describe, but it is a different type of feeling for each person, and such people must have sort of natural bent towards the spiritual realm, whether they believe they do or otherwise. We all possess a soul, and everyone can influence another soul if the correct procedure is used. There are many processes people use, and each person needs to find the one that works for them. There is no magic involved, no spells, no chants, no gesturing, no grandstanding activities involved, nor are any necessary. The sole purpose of the action is to release a trapped soul from the earthly plane to the Heavenly one.

It is a highly sacred and emotional procedure, not to be undertaken by anyone without honest, pure intent to help a spirit move on. It should never be undertaken by a person who is a mocker of spirit, an emotionally unstable person, or a provoker; it certainly should NEVER be instituted as a prank or party entertainment. The resulting consequences are not pleasant in those cases.


The Procedure:

Being a Christian, my procedure is a Christian one, as God is the one actually doing the work of releasing the trapped soul, merely allowing me to be used as a tool to help in that accomplishment.


Start with a prayer for your protection. This includes anyone else who may be physically with you in the room.

There is always the possibility that another entity (usually always evil) may be preventing the trapped soul from making a safe exit, and could attack you or anyone with you in your efforts to help the trapped soul.

While praying for protection, mentally envision an enveloping white light surrounding you totally.

Now keep praying for protection, and include the name of the lost soul if you know their name. If you do not, simply ask for the protection of the trapped spirit.

PLEASE, never refer to the lost spirit as ‘it’. To do so is a gross insult, considering these spirits were once living, breathing people just like you and I.

When performing the procedure to release their soul, be respectful — remember it is God who actually performs the release, not yourself. You are merely serving Him by acting as a conduit to help the spirit leave.

You may either sit or stand… but considering the time it may take for the spirit to trust enough to leave, sitting is preferred by many.

Use a white candle if you use a candle at all. If you want to record everything, that is fine, but your concentration MUST be on assisting the spirit, not in ‘hoping to catch the spirit on the camera’. Certainly, for your own research purposes, recording or taping the event is fine … but we need to keep our priorities straight.

The area you are working in should be quiet… no TV on, no radio. It doesn’t matter if it is daytime or night, so you do not need to darken the room. God works 24-7.

Now that you have said your prayer of protection for yourselves, including the lost spirit, light the white candle if you use it. If not, simply carry on:


Address the lost spirit by their name if you know it. Otherwise, address him or her by a polite term, such as “my spirit friend who is seeking release, please come forward to me. I am here to help you, and with God, all things are possible”.

Speak as kindly as possible to the spirit, keeping in mind he or she is frightened, and afraid to trust you.



“Any and ALL evil entities that may be present, you are commanded to remain where you are, by and in the perfect name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. You are not permitted to interfere with (name, or..) this spirit’s release. By Christ’s command, you may NOT hold this spirit back or restrain (name, or..) any longer. You are stopped through Christ’s command from attacking me ( or us). You are commanded by the Spirit of Christ, who lives within me, to release (name, or..) and let (name, or..) come forward to me NOW”.


Continue speaking to the lost spirit gently, and encourage them to come to you. If a candle is going, the flame may begin to move around when the spirit approaches. If no candle is used, I simply go by feeling of the presence.

Encourage the lost spirit to trust you, telling him or her that you are a Christian, merely a tool He is allowing to be used to help them.


Reassure the spirit that you come in peace, intending only good, and not harm or any evil.

The spirit may not trust you enough to come forward immediately, so you must remain calm and patient. It can take some length of time, and you must remain vigilant, and keep trusting that God will work through you. Remember, it may take hours, or more than one session, NOT because God is not working through you, but because He will never force the lost spirit to trust enough to come to you, and let Him work. So be prepared. It helps if you picture yourself as a stranger coming to another person’s home — they do not know you, and don’t trust your motive for being there…. it takes time to build up trust.


Okay — let’s consider now that this time, the spirit WILL NOT come forward to you. After you have waited a long enough time, and feel tired, it is best to stop… but before leaving, protect!


“Älmighty God, I ask that you continue to bless and protect us and our efforts in releasing (name, or..) this lost soul from the confines of this plane. I humbly ask that you will allow (name, or..) to trust me enough to come forward and permit you to perform this release. Lastly, Father, I humbly ask that you protect (name, or..) and keep all evil entities from (name, or..). harming this soul who seeks your comfort and prevent the evil entity from following or attaching itself to any of us. In the perfect name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, AMEN”.


Assure the spirit that you will return and try to earn his or her trust, so God can perform His work …

Say Goodbye, God bless, and leave…..

Now, let’s carry on with the procedure assuming the lost spirit HAS come forward to you:


Keep calmly addressing the lost spirit, and tell them you are pleased they trust you. Encourage them to see the white light, and mentally envision it yourself to help them see it. If you have trouble envisioning, the white candle flame can help, so in this case, use the candle. There is no harm, disrespect, or any magic involved in using a candle. It is INTENT that counts.

Gently reassure the lost spirit that he or she has nothing to fear. Tell (name, or..) that God is waiting for them. Tell (name, or..) that their families and pets who have previously passed on are waiting for them to come to the white light to welcome them. Assure the lost spirit that no harm can come to them because of God’s protection. Reassure the spirit that the evil [if any] cannot hinder or stop them from going to that light.

Assure the spirit there is nothing to fear… keep reassuring and encouraging until the spirit leaves, which usually is very quickly once reaching that white light.

Tell the lost spirit “ GO, (name, or..) By the grace, might and power of God, the Father Almighty, and with the presence of His son, Jesus Christ, and the presence of the Holy Spirit , PASS THROUGH THAT WHITE LIGHT”.


Prayer of thanks:

“With the blessings of Holy Father God, I thank HIM for His release of your spirit, and His protection during your transition. To God be the glory and the praise, as I leave this home, and may He protect our leaving and ensure our safety. In Jesus’ name, Goodbye, (name, or..) … welcome to your eternal home, and be forever at peace.. AMEN”.

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