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Can Pets Become Ghosts?

©  Elaine Matthews   ghostdog

This is written in order to give people who are interested in investigating the realm of the Paranormal a bit of an inside look.
Myself, being retired now, I am more free to discuss paranormal activities, because I don’t need to worry over loss of a job because of my beliefs.
A retired Nurse, I concentrated on caring for developmentally challenged people for the last twenty-three years, becoming a Chef after retiring from nursing. In all of my work history, the paranormal has played a role to some degree, in the hospital setting, group home setting, seniors’ home setting, etc…

People sometimes ask me if I believe pets can be ghosts, and the answer is a definite YES. I have seen them. One of our dogs, a wonderful Poodle named Louie, was witnessed by a group of us playing with our other pets in the yard after his passing. Another sweet pooch of mine Muttley, has been seen running in my home on the odd occasion, and he is happy also. Two of my kitties, Cuddles and Corky, have been felt jumping up on my bed, and ‘kneading bread’ as kitties so commonly do. It is far from frightening, but extremely reassuring to me.

Pets often return in order to let their human partners know that everything is all right. They loved us in life, and I have no reason whatsoever to doubt they love us in spirit as well.  People have taken photos of deceased pets as well, or heard their dog barking, their cat meowing, their bird chirping, etc…

Now I have a question for you:

Do you believe your pets will be with you in Heaven?

Personally, I do!

The pics below are o my late MUTTLEY, a beloved pooch who passed several years ago — I still see him running in the house, looking very healthy and happy to be here:

Sept 2011 022Sept 2011 008

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