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This is the standard form we use in the pre-investigative stage, prior to the preliminary investigation. Some prospective Clients feel this form is unnecessary, or a waste of time, but it is important to us, as Paranormal Investigators, to obtain as much information as possible in both written and oral form, since a detail unspoken could be written down and help us to determine how to best approach the situation.

ALL information received is to be kept strictly CONFIDENTIAL … We have made special mention of this in some areas of the form most people find pretty sensitive … but the entire form must be kept private.

Case File Name:



Property Owner Name:

Owner Phone/Email:

Physical Address of Site Concerned:

Physical Description of Site:

(e.g., two-storey detached home, apartment, pub, cemetery, etc…)

Number and Types of Rooms:

Age of the Location/Date Built:

Number of Previous Owners:

Number of Structures on Site:

Area of Purported Haunting:

Physical Description and Ages of Each Structure:

Any Structures Moved Onto Site and if So When and From Where:

Notable History of Structures:

Is Location on Previous Burial Ground, Battleground, or Ceremonial Site?:

Notable History of Location:

Any Battles or Confrontations Near Site:

Description of Previous History of Paranormal Activity at or Near this Site:

Supporting Documentation of Previous Paranormal Activity (news clippings, affidavits, etc…):

Any Recent Remodelling and If So, Its Nature and Location:

Has Site Been Blessed and If So, When and In What Manner:


Number of Occupants at Location:

Date Occupants Moved to Location:

Number and Type of Pets/Animals at Location:

Names, Birth dates, Genders, and Occupations of Each Occupant:

Religious Affiliation or Beliefs of Occupants:

The Interview: Problems or complaints:

Problems With Electrical Appliances (TV, radio, stereo, computer, clock, microwave, etc…):

General Electrical Disturbances (flickering lights, doorbell, frequent bulb burnouts, etc…):

Plumbing Problems (leaks, faucets, tub, shower, sink, toilet, etc…):

Doors or Windows Opening/Closing:

Strong Psychic Thoughts or Impressions (especially in a certain room or area):

Children Speaking With or of “Invisible Friends”:

Conversations With Apparitions:

Recent Death of Close Family Member or Friend:

Recent Anniversary of Close Family Member’s or Friend’s Death, Birthday, or Special Anniversary:

Recent Puberty or Emotional Stress of Family Member:

Nightmares or Trouble Sleeping:

Physical Contact (sense of being touched, slapped, kicked, punched, tripped, etc…)

Have Any Pets or Animals Been Affected?:

Plants Dying ….Other Strange or Unexplained Occurrences:

Do Any of the Occupants Consider These Events Threatening?

If yes, who and why?

Have There Been Any Witnesses to the Events in Question Besides the Occupants?

(List Name, Event, and Relationship to Occupants)

When Did The Very First Paranormal Event Occur at This Location, Who Witnessed It, and What Was the Nature of the Event?

Have Occupants Experienced Any of the Following?

If Yes, Name Observer’s) and Explain Type, How Often, and When Started:

Frequent Illnesses:

Strange Orbs:

Smoky Mists:


Strange Shadows:

Unusual Cold or Hot Spots:

Unexplained or Violent Mood Swings (especially in a certain room or area):

Unexplained Odors (tobacco, perfume, flowers, ammonia, sulfur, bodily wastes, etc…):

Unexplained Voices (speaking, yelling, crying, whispering, etc…):

Unexplained Sounds (rapping, knocking, banging, footsteps, etc…):

Movement of or Disappearance of Objects:

How Did the Witness(es) React to the Very First Paranormal Event?

Have the Occupants Had Any Previous Paranormal Encounters Prior to Moving to This Location?

(If so, where, when, to whom, and of what nature)

Has There Been Any History of Practical Joking or Hoax-Playing Involving Any Occupant or Family Member?

(If so, where, when, involving whom, and of what nature):

Are Any Occupants Using Illegal or Hallucinogenic Substances?

If yes, who and what? (confidential):

Are Any Occupants Heavy Consumers of Alcohol?

If yes, who and what? (confidential):

Are Any Occupants Currently/Recently Seeing a Psychiatrist or Therapist?

If yes, who and what? (confidential):

Do Any Occupants Show Interest in the Occult (Ouija boards, tarot, seances, psychics, etc…)?

If yes, who and what?

Authorization by Client to Conduct A Preliminary Investigation ___________________________________________



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