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Knowing how both these authors have many deadlines to meet, I am only too pleased to start this page off for them, and when they have the time, they can add new information. Andrew and Maria are not only terrific writers, but they possess that rare quality of talking WITH the reader, rather than simply talking to them; their flair for writing is so evident in their work, they are both my favorite authors, and I am delighted to have their permission to promote their books on this site.  Reading their books, I can literally feel myself right there talking with them both.  They are friendly, very approachable, and easy to talk with. Some authors are conceited and stand-offish; NOT Andrew and Maria. One of my friends, Marie Mercer, and I had the pleasure of meeting them both in October of 2015 at the ghost walk in Huntsville’s Heritage Village.


Here are just SOME of their books:

hind1Twenty classic resorts are explored, some of which are thriving today, such as Windermere House and Deerhurst, while others such as Limberlost and Bigwin Inn are long gone, though fondly remembered.


hind2Mythological sea monsters lurking in the depths of Lake Simcoe, a fair-haired Sasquatch combing the isolated stretches of northern highways, and the mournful “Maid of the Mist” of Niagara Falls are just some of the mysterious stories of Ontario found in this collection. Read up on the eerie event’s of Ontario’s history that will challenge reason and provoke curiosity. Do you believe?

hind3The Christmas season is the one time of year that we all put aside the demands of the everyday to celebrate with friends and family; share stories, warm memories, and traditions; and feast on home-cooked food. But what happens when life simply won’t pause in the name of good cheer and festive revelry? This unusual holiday collection brings to life the tales of Christmases gone wrong: Christmastime castaways dreaming of holiday ham, a Sable Island mystery, murder and mayhem in yuletide Yukon, spirits of Christmas of a different kind, and many others.  Merry misadventures!

hind4Ghost Towns of Muskoka explores the tragic history of a collection of communities from across Muskoka whose stars have long since faded. Today, these ghost towns are merely shadows – or spectres – of what they once were. Some have disappeared entirely, having been swallowed by regenerating forests, while others have been reduced to foundations, forlorn buildings, and silent ruins. A few support a handful of inhabitants, but even these towns are wrapped in a ghostly shroud.
But this book isn’t only about communities that have died. Rather is is about communities that lived, vibrantly at that, if only for a brief time. Its about the people whose dreams for a better life these villages represented, the people who lived, loved, labored, and ultimately died in these small wilderness settlements. And its about an era of history, those early heady days of Muskoka settlement when the forests were flooded with loggers and land-hungry settlers.

hind5Niagara is rich with fascinating stories – from daredevils to heroics. From the horrors during the War of 1812, to murder, to technological innovations and the birth of the modern tourist industry, Niagara has seen it all…and more!
In 1901, Annie Taylor was the first person to go over the falls in a barrel…and survive.
It is said the the former Houdini Hall of Fame was cursed by the dead escape artist himself, and that he was responsible for its demise.
For two weeks in 1952, Niagara Falls shared the spotlight with another attraction, Hollywood starlet Marilyn Monroe.
Maria Spelterini was the first and only woman to cross Niagara on a tightrope…and then she disappears from history.
Adulterer Arthur Hoyt Day decided to rid himself of one wife by throwing her into the Niagara gorge; he then paid the ultimate price for his crime.
Nikola Tesla, an eccentric but brilliant inventor, tamed the falls and revolutionized electricity forever.
In 1913, a barge ran aground at the precipice of the falls, creating a landmark and a tale of heroic rescue that endures to this day.
And so much more…

For further info on their books, please go here:


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