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The Empath often feels very misunderstood, alone, frustrated, and angry at oneself because of the unsettling feelings. It does NOT mean the Empath is mentally impaired. It DOES mean that the Empath needs to understand why they are having these unsettling feelings in order to understand themselves.
Being Empathic is a God-given gift. Not understanding myself, feeling all the above, I fought against it up until my 65th year of life. Once finally accepting that I am an Empath, I began working with it instead of against, and a new life opened up for me. This video will help the Empath to understand why these feelings occur, and hopefully, avoid the anguish I endured all those years through my own lack of understanding.
Because I will be away at another function, this show has been pre-recorded, and scheduled to come on for broadcast this Friday, at 8 PM on Elaine’s Xtreme Paranormal Channel, at

Please feel free to post your questions directly from the site, or on the Facebook page entitled Elaine’s Xtreme Paranormal Channel.. You will be replied to in a timely manner.
Hope you all enjoy the show ! 🙂

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